Friday, April 28, 2017

The excellence of Brunello Cucinelli that makes Italians proud!

Not many people know Brunello Cucinelli and that is because this brand is meant to be only for a few who appreciate superb fabric quality, unforced chic and style without logos. Yet, you can find Cucinelli all over the world, including Chicago!

Cucinelli clothes look beautiful on everyone! They combine lightweight, chic and sporty elements creating the perfect mix between elegance and comfort.

I'm all for unforced chic and excellent fabrics! At Cucinelli they use special feather-soft cashmere made in Italy, silk, ostrich feathers, extra soft leather, fine calfskin...basically, all these wonderful fabrics that kiss your skin and make you feel fantastic!

Personally, I love the fact that everything is made in Italy (to be precise in a castle in Solomeo, Umbria) by highly skilled tailors and seamstresses.
Yes, this brand is very expensive, but I have always preferred to have 1 good item, instead of 10 cheap ones.

In Chicago, we have a lovely boutique (designed by Italian architect Luigi Fiorentino) for both men's and women's collections on North Rush Street, where my friend Andrea Espinoza work and I was invited by her to see the trunk show for the AW 2017 collection!

I was so amazed by this collection that I believe I kept saying "amazing" so many times!

Here are some of my favorite pieces for the AW 2017 collection:

This is the Cucinelli team based in Chicago, including Andrea, on the left:

...and finally me with the clothes I selected with Andrea's help:

I especially love my monili necklace and my simple and cute top, which says: "There is beauty in semplicity", exactly my kind of philosophy!