Friday, November 23, 2012

Invitation to a wedding - part 2

Collezione sposa “Alberta Ferretti Forever”

What is elegance?

Elegance is something you have inside of you: it has to do with your personality, behavior and attitude.
Elegance is not at all related to expensive clothes: clothes may only enhance what you already have and show it on the outside too.
When someone is truly elegant even the way he/she talks, moves or laughs is elegant.

Grace Kelly and Kate Middleton were princesses before becoming princesses and this was thanks to their natural elegance.

If you don’t have it in you, you can work on it and you might acquire elegance later on in your life.

I believe that in order to achieve elegance you need to surround yourself with beautiful things, live in a house with an inspiring view outside, nice objects, beautiful paintings, lots of plants, precious cups for the tea and so on…

...surround yourself with elegant beauty and treat yourself and the others around you as something precious. Eat good food, savor it slowly, drink only good wine. Be a kind person (kindness is strictly related to elegance) and be around people that make you feel well. You will never be elegant if you don’t respect other people or if you don’t have manners and culture.

At a wedding you are surrounded by beautiful things, you are usually in a beautiful place and you are in the company of beautiful and happy people, so there is your moment to shine!

I remember I used to have a passion for painting art frames, when I was only 12/13 and I studied all the different styles from classic to baroque and learnt how important they were, almost more than the paintings themselves. 
A beautiful painting deserves an equally beautiful frame.

So pick a dress that shows your beauty, something that is elegant as much as you are, something appropriate for your style and your age, exactly as if you were picking a frame for a painting.

For example Keira Knightley couldn’t pick a better dress to enhance her natural elegance: she dazzles in this pink gown from Chanel's fall 2012 Couture collection. This is absolutely a perfect dress to wear to a wedding.
Great hairstyle too for her face frame.

And to end (for now) my wedding elegance suggestions, I would love to share with you a couple of photos here below of a beautiful wedding, where the bride's dress – who is a talented artist in Chicago, Cristy C. Corso- tailored in New York for her liking (it was inspired by the Guggenheim Museum, where the couple entertained their engagement party and it has some influence of 1920's), conceptually represented the frame around her on her wedding day: the Museum of Contemporary Art of Chicago.
The groom is wearing a. J. Lindeberg tuxedo classy and a bit James Bond’s style.
The bouquet of flowers is freshly elegant and modern and the “cherry on the cake” is the wise selection of a delicate white orchid in the bride’s hair.

This is what a wedding should be: an elegant joyful representation of your style! You can make it as you like it, combining the right dress and accessories to the frame around you!