Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Traveling with style

-This article was entirely written from the Sky (on the flight LA-Chicago on Aug 24 2012)-

Wherever you are traveling to, don’t forget your style at home.

These days the security at the airports has become a real hassle: they almost make you undress (shoes, jewelry, belts, jackets… need to be taken off), so it is very important to be practical, other than elegant.

 It’s a good idea to wear ballerinas for the ladies and car shoes for the men: comfortable and easy to take off and put back on.

 Ladies, wear a stretch dress for a long flight and stretch pants/jeans for a short one. If you are traveling on business, wear a comfortable suit with a white shirt underneath (better if it is one of those non-iron ones). On top of the dress bring a cotton trench (it’s easy to match with all your clothes and elegant for almost every occasion) and if you are wearing pants, wear a stretch top or a silk one (no linen or with all the wrinkles your clothes will have after the flight, at your arrival you’ll look like you are wearing a pajama) with one of those chic tweed jackets (like the one that Olivia Palermo is wearing here below).

 For men, comfortable pants or jeans are always good with a classic Lacoste polo or a shirt on top.  A trench coat is perfect for the men too or a casual jacket like the Hugo Boss one in the photo.

Pick the neutrals beige, white, gray or black for all your clothes as you can match them with everything!

 Even if it’s still Summer time, always bring with you a cardigan and a scarf (it’s so cold in the planes).

 As for the luggage, I do like Louis Vuitton, so if your boyfriend gives you a Louis Vuitton luggage as a present (like in the movie “Leap year”) he really has good taste!

Otherwise, I love the Longchamp trolley and Bric’s or Piquadro (pick black or dark brown). I’m not a big fan of Tumi, although I see it as a good choice for men. It’s preferable the light, stretching option to the rigid one: when you come back from your trip, you’ll have souvenirs to put in your luggage and they won’t fit into a rigid one.

As for the handbag, I personally like my black foldable Longchamp (I bring a large one and a small one folded inside it, to use when I arrive to destination). I also love those large Lanvin handbags shown in the photo here below.

In the large bag I put the liquids, a scarf, a cardigan, slippers to change into for long flights and my I-Pad. As you need to fit all in only 2 hang luggage, it’s best to just bring the I-Pad instead of the laptop (unless you really need it for work).
If you can, do make some space into your hand luggage for those nice Bose noise cancelling headphones, so you won’t have to hear babies crying or men snoring and so forth (it does happen and way too often!). I’m writing while I’m flying today and I do regret I didn’t bring them with, considering that it has been already 2 hours hearing a small child crying no stop!

Another important thing for the ladies is your manicure and pedicure. This time forget about the red, purple, fuchsia, green and other flashy colors! Go for nude, ballerina, light pink. With all these opening and closing the zips of your luggage, your nail polish might easily chip and it will be less noticeable if you wear a light natural color (you can also bring your polish with you and easily touch up where it chipped).

Enjoy your flight in style!