Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Perfect or original? Let's go with something in the middle and mix Italian with British style (with a bit of French and Spanish too)

Most Italians have fashion running in their blood.
When they are kids, as soon as they are able to walk they go straight to their closet and start demanding to choose their clothes, screaming at their parents if they are not listened to. When Italians wear elegant, they shine above others -nobody can argue with that- : everything they select is item is picked by chance and the all outfit follows the latest fashion guidelines. Even when they don't wear elegant, you can still tell they are Italians: they can't avoid looking good in whatever they are wearing.If Italian fashion was a type of dancing it would be Classical Ballet, specifically, the Swan Lake : rules are strictly followed and yet the dancing looks beautifully  effortless.
Being Italian though I have come to appreciate British fashion quite a lot -as I mentioned already- , which if left in the hands of the British people only, it would be original and interesting for sure, but it would still miss something. However if left in the hands of an inspired Italian it can look absolutely brilliant!When in London, enter at Jigsaw and let your imagination and originality run wild: the variety of styles is wide and you can mix and match their items with some Max Mara for example and give yourself a unique chic look! I would in fact match a navy blue silk and linen British dress from Jigsaw with an Italian Max Mara linen and cotton cream jacket and a pair of Spanish Pretty Ballerinas. For the handbag, I'm selecting something French: I love the YSL “Belle de Jour” large clutch and the simple and classy Lanvin “Miss Sartorial” clutch. (See photos here below).
I do appreciate how British people sometimes make no sense with their style, in particular when they wear collants (tights) in Summer for example or mix colors like orange and purple, regardless if those colors are in fashion or not. Their originality gives me so much inspiration actually. Nobody in London wear the same outfit as someone else...they love their freedom in selecting what to wear, according to their mood of the day and this is remarkably great to my artistic eyes.
During this year fashion shows, we have seen lots of clothes inspired by the British sense of style: mixing a flower skirt with a top that has a complete different print (and still looks good!) must have come out first from a British mind and if not, it came out from a designer who surely spent lots of time in London!