Thursday, July 5, 2012

It's Summer time: elegance at the beach!

It’s Summer and it’s time to finally hit the beach or the pool!

What bathing suit to wear? You can pick all the colors and shapes you like, as long as you feel comfortable and you don’t look vulgar.

As for the guys you look perfect with short trunks –like the Gant swimsuit in the picture-…not long (as your legs will look weird), not too tight (you show too much and there is no need)… and definitely no Speedo please, unless you are going to participate to the Olympics.

For the girls, it has been quite sometime that fashion proposes the bikini with strings, and that is because it goes well with almost all types of bodies. 
It’s lovely this year to wear it with a straw lady hat and aviator sunglasses.

Great for men and women to wear havaianas both at the beach and at the pool.

As for the jewelry very few it’s better and you can go with something original like this pretty carved rose wood ring.

Absolutely important –particularly in this season- for men and women to have manicure and pedicure done: as you are wearing so little, hands and feet will be on display at all times.

It’s hot out there, so hair up ladies: the chinon hairstyle looks always so nice and neat on every face! 

The hairstyle below is a pretty elaborate one and model Giorgia looks so chic with it!