Sunday, January 22, 2012

A quick trip to the UK and Italy during the sales in January

Photo: Window at L.K.Bennett, High Street Kensington, London

Photo: Window at Mulberry, Knightsbridge, London 

Photo: Window at Church's in Knightsbridge, London

Photo:  Kew Boutique in Chiswick, London

As Oscar Wilde wrote " it is superficial not to judge someone by his/her appearance".

This concept is also stressed in the movie J.Edgar with Leonardo Di Caprio, who doesn't even consider interviewing for a position the people that are not elegant and J.Edgar himself has a sarto who does his suits su misura (=made to measure).
Here in Milan this is only the normality: people from Milan take so much care of themselves.
I have seen some old people with the appearance of nobles, ladies that were wearing a pelliccia (fur coat) or a coat of Piacenza -which i largely prefer- and a lovely hat and some gentlemen who were wearing a long dark coat and a suit underneath with a tie or a burberry scarf.
Younger men in Milan are either wearing a suit or they are wearing some casual but still elegant clothes: I saw some with a "giacca di panno" with jeans (usually Gas, Diesel or Jeckerson). All men should have at least one of those jackets this Winter: they come even in cashmere and they look almost as great as suit jackets, but they are comfortable and warm like sweaters.
No matter how much they keep talking in the news of a bad economic situation in Italy, Italians will always distinguish themselves for their refined elegance. A true Italian wears the latest fashion shoes and will always have the latest mobile phone in the market.
If you happen to be in Milan, go to the Rinascente where you will find all the latest brands and if you happen to go to London, don't forget to go to Selfridges: Rinascente's bigger sister in the UK!
Guys, if you are in Italy I suggest you to go have a look at brands such as Henry Cotton's, Ermenegildo Zegna, Jeckerson, Falconeri, Salvatore Ferragamo, Piquadro and if you are in London, Thomas Pink, Ted Baker, Paul Smith.
Ladies if you are in Italy right now, I suggest brands such as Max Mara, Blumarine, Moschino Cheap and Chic, Furla, Fendi and if you are in London go shopping at Jaeger, L.K. Bennett, Kew and don't skip a visit to Jigsaw, where it is impossible not to find something that you will truly like.
Some of those brands might still be made in China, so check the tag and make sure you are buying a good fabric, soft and gentle to your skin.
Just yesterday Jan 19 2012 on the Daily Mail there was an article who was warning against Adidas and H&M ( but there are higher brands who make some of their clothes and items in China too). Those clothes particularly if they are made in China have some strong toxic chemicals that are really dangerous to your health: not only they can cause allergies, but in some cases they can cause even cancer. The article also said that sometimes it doesn't matter if you wash them: those harmful chemicals are pretty strong.
I know it will cost you more buying clothes "made in Italy" but trust me, it's better to have one good item than ten that are cheap and harmful to your skin.
Having said that, if you happen to be in Milan or London right now enjoy your shopping! As far as myself I did buy a wonderful Furla handbag on sale and a pretty cashmere gilet for my husband, the one with bottons and high neck in fashion this year.