Friday, June 21, 2013

Seeking elegance all around you!

If you are truly elegant, your soul is elegant too and you surely desire to be surrounded by elegant things.

You'll usually appreciate living in a beautiful home, eating good food well presented, buying bouquets of well arranged flowers for your desk, going to elegant restaurants and nice hotels of course...

Do you drink espresso? Well, do you prefer to drink it in a paper cup (maybe on the run?) or in this cup, sitting down at a nice table?

Photo: Il bar in Milan, Italy

And do you like chocolates? Well, let me tell you, these Venchi chocolates have no equal in the world!

Photo: Venchi chocolates purchased in Venice, Italy

And what do you eat for breakfast, or better, how do you eat it?
Outside or at home, breakfast is the gold moment of your day: start it the best way you can!
Croissant and cappuccino beautifully displayed? Why not!

Photo: L'Orangerie, Kensington Gardens, London, U.K.

Photo: Breakfast at home

Tea time? Pick a lovely place and treat yourself! Go where the waiters treat you as you were a noble!

Photo: Caffe' Pedrocchi, Padova, Italy

Photo: Cafe' de Paris, Monte Carlo

Sunny? Going for a walk in the garden? Nothing is more elegant than the British Gardens or the Japanese Gardens!

Photo: Regent's Park, London, U.K.

Photo: Anderson Japanese Garden, Rockford, IL, U.S.A.

Undecided about your next vacation? Do these photos inspire you?

Photos: Venice, Italy